The Hats That Make You Smile!

Mini party hats for many occasions. Great for tea or wine parties, bridal & baby shower, birthdays, graduations, pet parties & pet shows, you name it! Tea Hats for every age, from young, to the young IN heart! Like the fascinator but more fun! Let us take your parties to the next level! We also offer Masquerade Masks.

We are the "Hats That Make You Smile!"again and again!

Here Are Some of Our Events!

These are some of the events and Pop Up Shops we have been to in the past few years! This will also be where our up and coming events, so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay connected!

New Beginningz Pop Up Shop!

2020 Pop-Up Shop!

Jazz Fest of 2019!

2021 Selby Avenue Jazzfest